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Domestic Real Estate Division

The domestic real estate fund has the best capabilities in Korea as a leading company
in real estate investment, which established a real estate investment management department
in 2004, when the real estate fund was first established and expanded its investment.

Experts with dedicated investment experience and professional management experience are
striving to create profits through active management based on thorough analysis, verification,
and risk management.

Management performance

Domestic real estate funds continue to expand their market share by organizing diverse portfolios of investment assets and differentiating products, and continue to expand their public offering funds to increase indirect investment opportunities for individual investors.

Domestic real estate funds currently manage USD 5.8 billion worth of assets as end of 2019 while investing in various real estate assets such as NPL and PF, along with profitable real estate such as offices, retail, logistics, and hotels.

Operational performance
Gross Asset Value (USD) AUM (USD) Growth Rate (Based on AUM)
5.8 billion 2.3 billion 22.3% (17.4% over the last 3 years)